Portrait Photography from Studio Haideux

Studio Haideux was formed in 2008, providing photography and post production imagery in Northwest Arkansas. Our main focus was portraits of people and animals. Over the years our local clientele of companies and individuals began expanding, eventually bringing us to Florida in 2011. The new market brought new clientele, thus began our venture into the music industry,leading our work into media outlets and publications such as MTV, BET, and Rolling Stone.

Details are everything, therefore we take on low-volume projects as our focus is producing high quality work. Our photography and post production process is extremely comprehensive, making sure to preserve the finest details and textures while balancing lighting and tones. Many have described our photos as beautiful and ethereal to dark and haunting. Provoking emotions and lasting impressions are the groundwork of what we seek to provide. We hope you enjoy the images and keep us in mind for future projects, big or small.

Photography and Design Services in Naples, FL